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Compassionate Advocacy, Fearless Representation

Tyrell F. Jordan specializes in providing comprehensive legal representation and advocacy for clients facing trials and litigation. Our dedicated team is committed to protecting your rights and interests through strategic and personalized legal solutions.

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Let’s Make Things Right 

If you've been injured, are facing a product liability issue, dealing with medical malpractice, or navigating commercial disputes, trust our firm to provide steadfast advocacy and expert legal representation


Our legal experts review the circumstances of the injury, answer your questions, and provide an honest evaluation of your options.

Personal Injury


We understand the complexities involved in medical malpractice cases. Our team is dedicated to seeking justice for individuals who have suffered harm due to medical negligence.

Medical Malpractice


Our team is committed to advocating for those who have suffered injuries due to faulty products.

Product Liability


High Stakes litigation can destroy a company. With our vast experience in handling highly complex matters, we bring the tools you need to protect your company and its employees.

Complex Commercial Litigation

Personal Injury Representation:
Injuries caused by accidents can be life-altering. We specialize in advocating for individuals affected by personal injury, providing compassionate and dedicated legal representation.


Product Liability Advocacy:
When defective products cause harm, holding responsible parties accountable is crucial. Our expertise in product liability law allows us to pursue justice for individuals injured due to faulty products.


Medical Malpractice Cases:
Medical errors can have devastating consequences. We specialize in navigating the complexities of medical malpractice cases, advocating for those who have suffered due to healthcare provider negligence.


Commercial Litigation Services:
Business disputes can disrupt operations and impact your bottom line. Our firm provides comprehensive commercial litigation services, representing businesses in various sectors. 

Birmingham Area
Trial Lawyer

At TFJ Law, we understand that our clients are our most valuable assets. Because our commitment is to protecting you, Tyrell F. Jordan prides himself on being your lawyer, not just your law firm. Attention to your needs is important to you and it’s of the utmost importance to us. Let us make things right for you today.

TFJ Law Trial Firm

Call us today at 205.561.0024 or fill out our online contact form to discuss your case with Tyrell!

TFJ Law Trial Firm

When you choose TFJ Law, you're choosing a team that fights tirelessly for justice, cares about your well-being, and stands by your side every step of the way. Let us help you navigate the legal process while you focus on healing and moving forward with your life.


Why Choose Tyrell

He prioritizes being accessible and available to our clients. He offers responsive support and guidance, ensuring our clients feel supported throughout their legal journey.


Triumphs in the Courtroom: Case Studies

Pediatric Medical Malpractice Methadone Prescription Error

A teenage child with a protracted history of debilitating pain faced a life threatening medical emergency when she was improperly administered the powerful narcotic drug methadone in an amount ten times in excess of the intended dose. Through five years of steadfast and determined litigation, we fought for her and her parents

Deadly Apartment Fire Traps Family of Five

A husband wife and three small children were fortunate to live to see another day when fire rescue personnel tore through the wall of their apartment unit to save them from a fire that took the life of a nearby neighbor. Because this fire and the death and destruction it caused could
have been avoided, we worked diligently to secure this family the justice they deserved.

Defending the “Deep Pocket”

Although wrongs occur, every injury is not the result of a legal wrong. We have handled countless matters on behalf of corporate interests defending against wrongful claims of injury. Be it automobile accidents, physical injuries allegedly caused by their products or services or monetary damages suffered by a competitor, we fight to win and protect our clients’ interests.


Let's Make Things Right

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